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If moving homes and commercial establishments within the city is such a pain in the neck, imagine how much worse it gets when it comes to interstate moving. Everything gets compounded – the effort, the travel time, the preparation… and of course, the stress, the worry, and the difficulties. And, if this is an unplanned move, the chaos only increases !

In operation since 2001, we are exactly what the doctor prescribed. Liberty Moving and Storage has helped thousands of families and businesses successfully relocate and settle into their new homes and offices. And that too without any complications, glitches or worries!

By deciding to make us your ally, you’ve just said ‘YES’ to a company that:

  • Helps you save both time and money
  • Provides a flexible schedule to accommodate yours
  • Safely and efficiently transports your possessions without a trace of damage
  • Offers prompt and friendly customer service that always puts you first
  • Guarantees fair and transparent pricing
  • Promises to be reliable and trustworthy
  • Believes in hassle-free upfront moving services
  • Replaces confusing terms and conditions with clarity and straight talk

At Liberty Moving and Storage, we understand that the key to successful inter-state moving lies in detailed planning and preparation. The logistics involved can be quite mind-boggling and there are a lot of important (not to mention stressful) decisions to be made. If that wasn’t bad enough, leaving behind everything familiar and saying goodbye to everyone you know to start over in an unfamiliar neighborhood can also be a nerve-racking experience.

For this reason, Liberty Moving and Storage does all it can to make the entire move smooth, systematic and manageable. Our specialty lies in offering personalized long distance moving services that are safe, secure and affordable. We’ve been in the business of dealing with inter-state moves day in and day out. As a result, we are able to anticipate all the problems that can arise and are prepared for all eventualities.

With us on the job, you’ll find that the move is not just highly efficient but it also causes the least disruption. We assume responsibility for the entire operation, leaving you to focus on other more important tasks like transferring accounts, arranging for new utilities, and registering your children into the neighborhood school.

What We Offer

  • A top notch licensed and insured establishment that delivers a stress-free, positive moving experience
  • Prompt and efficient customer service dedicated to your cause
  • Years of experience in long distance residential and commercial moving
  • Indisputable credentials that have earned us rave reviews from past clients
  • A team of trained and qualified movers
  • Low moving quotes and competitive prices without hidden surcharges and fees
  • Dedicated packaging and labeling
  • Adherence to inter-state moving regulations
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • De-assembling and re-assembling

Liberty Moving and Storage is one of the most trusted names in the moving industry in Chicago. Why not allow us a chance to show you how we’ve earned our reputation? Specializing in both residential and commercial long distance moving, we bring unmatched professionalism and unbeatable work ethic to the job.

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